Jean Swanson’s Mansion Tax Speech at Chip Wilson’s

On Saturday, September 23rd, Jean Swanson and a big crowd of people paid yoga-leggins billionaire Chip Wilson a visit at the fortified gates of his $75 million mansion in Pt. Grey. Jean presented a Notice of Assessment, detailing just how much Chip would pay annually under her Mansion Tax, and explained the tax and why we need it now more than ever. Read her speech in full here.   Continue reading

VIDEO: Tax the Rich to House the Rest of Us

Share this video with your friends, and come out to the Rally for a Mansion Tax, Sat Sept 23rd, 11am-1pm. RSVP and find more details on the Facebook event page here.

Packed hall for Swanson as political revolution gathers steam

Saturday Aug 26th -- Over 200 people packed into the Russian Hall in Strathcona for a rally with independent Vancouver City Council candidate Jean Swanson Saturday night. It was a huge celebration of Swanson’s more than four decades of social justice activism for which she was presented the Order of Canada in Ottawa on Friday from Governor General David Johnston. Given that remarks were not part of the ceremony in Ottawa, Swanson took the opportunity on Saturday to talk about the award and the issues at stake. Here is her speech: Continue reading

Jean's Campaign Launch Speech

A few weeks ago I saw a woman sleeping in a suitcase on the sidewalk. Earlier in the year we all read that the Lululemon guy has a house with 9 bathrooms worth $75 million. We’ve been through 40 years of governments cutting taxes for the rich and services for everyone else -- like social housing and welfare, then starting a “war on drugs” to throw poor and racialized people in jail. As a result the planet is burning up and the richest 5 men own more than the poorest 3.5 billion. And Vancouver is part of this as one of the most unequal cities in Canada. This has got to stop. Continue reading

Draft Jean Swanson for City Hall

  Vancouver needs a political revolution. We need a representative for the people who can help us take back City Hall from developers and big money interests. Jean Swanson, with her decades of work to eliminate poverty and to secure affordable housing for all, is the voice that's missing on Vancouver's city council. As a member of the Order of Canada, she is uniquely placed to be a candidate progressives and grassroots activists can unite behind in this by-election happening Fall 2017.Let's tell Jean to run for council. She is an incorruptible voice widely respected across the city who will have the support of youth, seniors, working and poor people. Let's show her that she has our support to win if she runs.